Yeah, kinda forgot I had a blog there for a little while. Oops. Here’s a few little tidbits because I am way too ADD to actually be coherent.

Well, I’m back home and working my clumsy little fingers to the bone. Due to some paperwork mishaps, my CNA license expired. So now I’m working at the Clubhouse of the Scobey Golf Course, and I love it. So if you’re in Scobey over the next two months and decide to check out our excellent golf scene, drop in and see me. I’ll make you a Paralyzer that will knock your socks off.

I feel a little guilty sitting here writing this right now. It is gorgeous and green out right now. QUICK DECISION: When I’m done here, I’m busting out the swimsuit and my library book and hitting the patio.

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before, but Top Chef. Come on. Brilliance. And now Top Chef Masters? Oh my God. I’ve learned that I love competition shows, no matter how mind numbingly stupid. The same part of my brain that likes Sex and the City draws me back to America’s Next Top Model. And while I hate that stupid show, I still end up sitting through it being pissed off right to the end to see who gets eliminated. I’ve become a freaking demographic. Speaking of TV, last night I was introduced to The Big Bang Theory. Just delightful.

I’m going to try something different with my hair. Still long, but more bangy. Pictures later, but I’ve been known to lie.

So I’ve got these two kittens that I rescued. Named Franklin and Delano (who I call Duffy for some reason.) They are the sweetest babies in the world and frighteningly bring out my maternal instincts. Well, at least I know I have some.

My best friends are in Europe and right now. That’s kind of depressing to me.

Moving sucks. While I’m excited to head back to G-Funk…gosh. Moving. Gross.

Yeah…can’t stay inside one more minute. Later gators


~ by crazydiamond07 on June 12, 2009.

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