So guys…adventures. I’ve been having ’em.

Cooking adventure: Homemade spinach artichoke dip. Turned out weird looking, but oh-so tasty. (Don’t think I’ve ever typed the word “tasty” before, which is making me question whether it’s spelled right. Is there an ‘e’ in it? Tastey? That looks dumb. Oh look, I’m actually typing this.) I put waaaaay too much cheese on top, so it didn’t melt all the way. And then it bubbled over and got all swampy looking. But it tasted pretty fantastic.

Other noteworthy adventures…I went home for the Fourth of July. Which was all sorts of amazing. Best adventure of being home (with the exception of watching one of my favorite former classmates sing karaoke) was getting both my kindergarten and second grade teacher to buy me drinks. It was a good weekend.

This week is the last week of summer classes, so I haven’t had a lot of quality adventure time lately. This week is going to be comprised of coffee, all nighters, and a hell of a lot of motivation metal.

Oh, and just a P.S.: Despicable Me is freaking hysterical. And Pharrell Williams is a genius.


~ by crazydiamond07 on July 12, 2010.

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