You Have Achieved Maximum Slagginess.

Adventure for the week: went on a road trip by myself without a map.

I was lucky enough to be born into a family of extremely funny people. My paternal relatives are born storytellers and are damn entertaining.  You can never quite be sure of the line between truth and fiction, but in the end, does it really matter? My maternal relatives are witty and sarcastic, and spout off one liners with the frequency and timing of any deadly professional.  Why wouldn’t I want to hang out with these people?

This weekend, the maternal relatives were gathering at an old lakehouse that has been in the family for years.  My own parents couldn’t make it, but I decided to haul off and represent our branch.  Easier said than done.  Apparently, Google Maps doesn’t want people to find this lakehouse, or the lake that it resides by.  There is also no indication of any roads leading to the lake on my trusty map of Montana that has served my glovebox faithfully.  I also have next to no sense of direction. That is why we are going to classify my making it there as an “adventure.”

So I knew the general way in which  I was supposed to be driving to arrive at this lake. I also knew that the drive should take approximately three hours. (One thing that I love/hate about us Montanans…we describe the distance between any two points in terms of time rather than terms of space.) And I was off, heading south.

After an insanely beautiful drive, two turn arounds, three points of construction, and a good six discs of my Stephen King audiobook, I arrived at the lake in three and a half hours. Another half hour to find the house, and I was only an hour behind schedule. And since I was at the lake, who cares about anything as mundane as a schedule?

So after spending the weekend tubing, chasing, kite flying, and laughing, I’d declare that adventure a success. I don’t see the point of getting into specifics (they would all be “you had to be there” moments…although I would say that the freshly coined term “slaggy” to descibe the inside of a roasted marshmellow should make its way into the mainstream lexicon.)

Now I’m back at the office and wondering where summer went. Although I’m sure I’ll find it next week during Scobey, Part 2: Electric Fair Boogaloo. Meanwhile, my adventures will probably all be either walking by the river or Nintendo DS related, if the weather doesn’t let up.

Much love, guys. Much love. Happy Summer!


~ by crazydiamond07 on July 27, 2010.

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