What Else Is There?

To quote my oldest and dearest friend, “God just slapped me in the face.”

I’ve been making bad decisions all over the place, and they’re beginning to catch up to me.  Not saying I subscribe to the whole theory of karma, but the optimist in me has to believe that doing good things will count for something.  And the optimist in me has been very disappointed in my actions as of late.

Here’s my poor me list of everything that has gone wrong over the past few weeks.

  • Had over $1,000 worth of text books and my collection of shot glasses (23 from all over the world) stolen.
  • Made bad decisions and sprained my knee horribly, leaving me with a terrible limp. Worst timing possible, because
  • I’m moving this week. I packed up everything I own, only to find out that the apartment that I’m moving into is still under construction. And to top it all off,
  • I have a HUGE fat lip, caused by making more poor decisions.

You know what? Typing that out made me realize how awesome my life is. If those are the worst of my problems right now, things are a lot better than they could be.  I’m so used to things just going right that when they go wrong I turn into a wimpering little bitch. Here’s all of the things that are going right:

  • I get to move into a brand spanking new apartment building in the near future.
  • I have job security throughout the year.
  • I’m going to Vegas with my friends on Thursday.
  • I’m beginning my senior year of college.
  • Just…everything.

We never think about that, do we? About how awesome it is just to be alive? We have places to go, places to be, places to escape to, places we dream about. We have things that we love, things that we want, things that we change. We have people to talk to, people to laugh with, people to scream at, people to run to. We have movie theatres and water parks and office buildings and coffee shops and churches and bars and libraries and wi-fi hot spots and music stores and Netflix and animal shelters and local restaurants. These are all things that we feel entitled to, that we feel are normal, that so many parts of the world can only see as the epitamy of luxury.

 So…this brings me back to the karma concept. If it takes a few minor inconveniences to knock me on my ass so quickly, I am clearly not looking at the big picture. Things will work themselves out. They always do. In the meantime, I’m just going to keep smiling and keep trying to do the right thing. What else is there?


~ by crazydiamond07 on August 16, 2010.

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